Local dream-pop / shoegaze outfit, Balms is out with their anticipated EP, following the release of their single “Golden Hair” this past July.

The new EP is a six-track dreamy-filled concoction that is reminiscent of shoegaze moguls like Slowdive and Ride but still distinct enough to stand out from the crowd. A combination of lo-fi vocals, dazy guitars, and a trance-like rhythm section, Balms’ newest release is the perfect soundtrack to your long drives or rainy days indoors.

Their self-proclaimed “dreamare pop” genre encapsulates the album perfectly, as it a hauntingly enchanted piece of work, beautifully revealing and scarily open. From the fun, euphoric sound of the opening track “Golden Hair” to the nostalgic, pensive feel of “In The Dark”, Balms has set another milestone with their newest release, and will be undoubtedly leaving listeners yearning for more.