Rent Control

Rent Control is the latest project from Jason Kick. You might know J. Kick from Maus Haus, and this new solo project is a spacey, electric-guitar driven soundscape; overall, a solid mixture of mellow and upbeat.

Rent Control’s self-titled album is available on Bandcamp. Here’s a note from J. Kick about the $99 price tag attached to the album: “Anyone who attempts to kindly contact me through the Bandcamp page asking for a free download code of the album will be rewarded one. The $99 price tag is a reference to SF rent . . . and maybe the questionable state of music as commodity in 2014.” Additionally, the album will be available in cassette form.

Rent Control will be playing an album release show at Amnesia this Sunday, November 23, and will be joined by three secret guest bands. The show is free, and cassettes will be available to purchase for $5.

Rent Control + three secret bands
November 23, 2014
8:00pm, free