lords of sealand

Bookish and proud of it, Lords of Sealand is a band that upholds the cherished tradition of nerds displaying rockstar talent.  They’re not the first (check out Rush or Yes or any group containing a borderline unhealthy obsession with sci-fi imagery) but they’re a rare breed in a modern music scene where prog-rock bands and indie-rock bands are decidedly separated by misconceived genre stereotypes.  Lords chose to bridge the gap and combine the two in a strangely coherent musical union.  The result is a blend of prog-indie neither too cute for Porcupine Tree fans nor too pretentious for the hipsters clad in Pixies t-shirts, a semi-perfect amalgamation of dancy, lo-fi pop, unique instrumental arrangements and a verbose lyrical delivery.

Check out “Brittle Bones,” the heaviest offering on their latest EP Found Fiction, for a dose of screeching guitar solos, layered vocal harmonies, tasty drum fills and a stadium-rocking chorus.

Mr. Kind, Osage, Lords of Sealand
Legionnaire Saloon
December 11, 2014
8:30pm, $7 (21+)