Sonny & The Sunsets Talent Night at the Ashram

The prolific Sonny & the Sunsets are back with yet another release, announcing a new LP, Talent Night at the Ashram, and dropping a delightful animated video for “Cheap Extensions” on NPR today to give us our first taste.

I love everything about it – the groove that never quits, the animation, the random syths, Sonny’s signature laid-back delivery – everything. Talent Night at the Ashram is available for preorder on from Polyvinyl and is set for a full release February 17. The teaser video is a hit as well, so get on it. Sonny & his Sunsets have no local dates, (other than what is sure to be a wonderfully bizarre gig at the exclusive high-end club you aren’t a member of November 25), but don’t be surprised to see them play around the Bay shortly after their December tour of Japan.