doe eye

I may be late to the game with “discovering” Doe Eye, but I can not quit listening to her debut album T E L E V I S I O N. Maryam Qudus, the vision behind Doe Eye, recorded the lovely and distorted creation with John Vanderslice at Tiny Telephone on two-inch tape. Just imperfect enough, the album released in April was after two well-received EPs entitled Run Run Run and Hotel Fire. She initially gained notice when LIVE 105 took single “I Hate You” from Run Run Run under its far-reaching wings, and regularly played the song on-air. A recent tweet revealed that she is now studying Audio Production and Recording at Women’s Audio Mission, so I’m really looking forward to whatever project she gets her hands on next.

Now she’s opening for X Ambassadors and Grizfolk in a few days at one of the far better venues in the city, The Independent. Below is “Do It For You” off of T E L E V I S I O N, the “analog document of how easy it is to fall into a static state when life gets overwhelming. It’s much easier to simply turn on the television.”

X Ambassadors, Grizfolk, Doe Eye
The Independent
November 19, 2014
8pm, $13-15 (21+)