the lab 24-Hour-telethon

Over the past 30 years, 16th Street art gallery and performance space The Lab has been a vital part of local experimental art and music. The gallery’s 100-year-old building, however, now needs some upkeep:

The Lab is housed in the Redstone Building in San Francisco’s Mission District. Built in 1914 and originally named the Labor Temple, the Lab’s 3,000 square foot space was the former home of the union meeting hall that hosted the vote for the 1934 General Strike, which led to the forty-hour work week and standard minimum wage. Over the past two months, The Lab has undergone massive renovations to return the space to the look and feel of its original 1914 architecture, taking out the dilapidated linoleum flooring, drop ceilings, and temporary office walls put up by a federal unemployment office in the 1970’s.

However, we need a minimum of 50K to complete the restorations and start new operations: refinishing the hardwood floors, rewiring the electrical system, buying tables and chairs, and developing a groundbreaking new website.

As their Kickstarter campaign heads into its final few days, The Lab is hosting a 24-hour telethon this weekend that will be open to Lab members and streamed live on YouTube. You can check out the full schedule of performers and participants below, who include Tommy Guerrero, Jello Biafra, Frank Chu, High Fantasy, the Extra Action Marching Band, Peaches Christ, George Chen and Bill Orcutt.

Be sure to tune in and show your support for this important space!

Special videos from Kembra Pfahler, Lydia Lunch, Devendra Banhart, Liz Harris of Grouper, Kate Rhoades, Doug Garth Williams, Martha Colburn, Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw, Devendra Banhart, Laura Kim, David Bayus, and Lonnie Holley will screen throughout the program, so stay glued to your YouTube!

Opening: 12pm – 6pm (Saturday, November 15)
– Kickoff with Survival Research Labs
– SFAC’s Tom DeCaigny and Matt Gonzalez, Chief Attorney of the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office on the future of the arts
– Host Marga Gomez
– Robot demonstration with Kal Spelletich
– Chris Messina and John Manoogian III on open-source advocacy and the arts
– Wavy Gravy
– TURF dance battle
– The Conspiracy of Beards

Primetime: 6-9pm (Saturday, November 15)

– Hosts the Wonderment Consortium
– Sarah O’Neal of YouthSpeaks
– Tommy Guerrero
– Jello Biafra
– Jordan B. Wilson presents his one-man band
– Fauxnique
– Videos from The Residents

Midnight Madness: 9pm-midnight (Saturday, November 15–Sunday, November 16)
– Hosts the Wonderment Consortium
– V. Vale on the SF underground
– Frank Chu presents the 12 Galaxies
– High Fantasy
– Extra Action Marching Band

Night Owls: midnight – 6am (Sunday, November 16)
– Peaches Christ and host Sam Sharkey
– Live ambient vegan salad performance by Odi Me
– Story time with artist Anthony Discenza, audio by Ben Furstenberg
– Dance party by DJ Grzegorz
– Black Hole cinema

Good Morning: 6am – noon (Sunday, November 16)

– Host George Chen
– Cereal and cartoons with Jacob Ciocci
– Puppies and pastries with the SF SPCA
– Coffee and yoga with artist Brett Walker
– Bill Orcutt
– Finale!