Sargent House has an eclectic roster. The Los Angeles label is responsible for the dark angel that is Chelsea Wolfe and black metal virtuosos Deafheaven, but the coterie of acts on Sargent House are far more broad than last year’s breakouts would suggest.

To showcase that, Sargent House is kicking off their own tour, featuring TTNG (formerly This Town Needs Guns), Mylets, and Emma Ruth Rundle.

Oxford, England headliners TTNG released last year on Sargent House, and have thus far made a name for themselves as easy pop connoisseurs. Rundle, by comparison, is a good contrast. Her intricate composures are as ethereal and delicate, but just as attention-yielding.

Pairing the two acts with one-man-show Henry Kohen (as Mylets) seemed like an obvious move for the label. Kohen’s dynamic take on stuttering drum machines and buoyant melodies make the bill very rounded, and ultimately, the tour showcases just what makes the label so unique: its diversity.

TTNG, Mylets, Emma Ruth Rundle
Thee Parkside
November 20, 2014
9pm, $13