Travis Hayes

Travis Hayes, the Bay Area singer-songwriter who has been treading through the national scene, is back on the radar with another release. This time, it’s a video for his track “Teen Haze” off of his album Young Daze.

The video follows the youthful antics of a bunch of teenagers. They’re drinking, they’re smoking, and they’re out causing trouble and falling in love – illustrating a characterization of the typical teenage night. Hayes’ track plays over the entire scenario in a script-like manner. One boy second-guesses a decision and then decides to do it all accompanied by the lines “Say good bye / Say goodbye / To the teenage haze.”

Hayes solemnly, yet reminiscently, sings a farewell to the teen daze. It’s a nostalgic anthem to that inner-teenager in all of us: the desire to be free, the willingness to make whatever choice you want, and the want to make mistakes.

In addition to the new music video, Hayes also dropped an all-acoustic version of Young Daze in late October.

If you’re interested in catching Travis Hayes live, he’ll be playing in the area with his full band this week!

Water Liars, Travis Hayes and the Young Daze, M. Lockwood Porter
Thee Parkside
November 13, 2014
9pm, $8 (21+)