Eline Cout

After shedding The Mallard’s skin last year and stripping her songwriting process to the bone, Greer McGettrick has positioned herself at the helm of her own solo project. She’s left the animals references behind and fashioned herself Eline Cout with the spirit of experimental artist Bruce Gilbert in mind and her new cello prowess in hand.

Letting go of the verse-chorus binary and allowing her soundscapes to evolve naturally, she crafted somewhere between 50 to 60 vignettes on her 4-track, layering pieces but never reworking songs. She chose 13 cuts with the help of engineer, guitarist and friend Desmond Shea, that would eventually become her debut solo album, 13 Pieces. Mastered by Rob Jackson, her record was officially released on Pretty Penny Records on October 31. However, they don’t ship until tomorrow so we have the privilege of premiering “Eline7” right here on The Bay Bridged.

The nervous yet ultimately steady track sits in the middle of the record’s 13, serving as a stable pillar among the erratic track list. Except for samples of Elvis singing “Aloha Oe” on “Eline 6,” a rhetorical aside (“Any idea?”) in “Eline9,” and unintelligible chanting in “Eline10,” the record holds virtually no vocals to cushion the stark nature of each track. From the sparse “Eline8” and the manic “Eline11,” each stands firm, unforced, never rushed.

Pretty is keeping to its M.O., with the San Francisco imprint releasing only 100 copies of the record, each with its own unique artwork. The first edition of Eline Cout’s album features a woodcut grid of 100 squares, and for each subsequent record, a square is taken away from the 10×10 layout until the very last copy has only one square remaining. Every album comes with a tiny baggy of wood chips from the corresponding square that was taken away. The artwork, done by McGettrick herself, is a reflection of the music itself — clever, conspicuous, never meticulous.

Eline Cout won’t be playing any shows in support of the release, so if you want to hear the record its entirety, pre-order 13 Pieces over at Pretty Penny Records and head to the label’s Soundcloud to hear “Eline2.”