Whirr (Art: Pascal Hauer)Whirr (Art: Pascal Hauer)

Whirr has a way of creating an atmosphere out of their music. It’s a soundscape, dense and ambient, almost like an overwhelming dream. The San Francisco-born band is prolific too, releasing music composed by members who have had a hand in bands like Deafheaven and who moonlight in side projects like Death for Lovers and Camera Shy.

However, it’s probably their collaborating work with Nothing that seems the most flawlessly orchestrated. Following the bands’ joint touring, it seems only natural that they’d release a joint EP—and that’s how the split 12″ was born.

And it works well together, of course. Both bands can execute a full-on attack of sound with gripping sonic textures and emotive dynamics, but with their own distinct personalities.

The 4-tracked 12″ releases November 17, but you can pre-order here at Run For Cover. It also comes with a full length In the Studio DVD to give you a look at how the two bands mesh together.