Battlehooch has a trippy new single out. Called “Fountaineer” and included on their upcoming new EP, WINK, the song finds the psych-rockers channeling the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the more surreal aspects of ’90s Britpop outfits like Blur and the Stone Roses.  Beginning with ambient synth noise, driven by a booming, simple drumbeat and bolstered by echoing harmonies, the tune is a slow burn that takes its time to hook you in, but, once you’re in, you’ll never come out.  As you hit the last minute, when all the instrumentation collides to form one huge wonderwall of sound, you subconsciously realize that you’ll be humming the chorus for the rest of the week.  Or at least humming it until the new album drops.  Then you’ll have a whole record’s worth of material to get stuck in your head.