Thick Red Wine

Thick Red Wine – the project of New Jersey transplant Mike Wojciechowski – drops its new Homesick EP next Tuesday, November 11 via Breakup Records, and he’s celebrating tomorrow night at Bottom of the Hill with The Wytches and Rich Girls.

Homesick, which kicks off with “Marathon” (a track released as a single over the summer), maintains the anti-folk feel lyrically, but takes a decided (and welcome) step instrumentally in the direction of rock. This isn’t exactly Bob Dylan going electric at the Newport Folk Festival – hell, Wojciechowski even admits in “Whiskey, Green Tea” that “I’m not Dylan. I’m not Lennon. I’m not Jagger. I’m just a skinny…little bearded…tired punk.” But it’s pretty awesome nonetheless – riffs aplenty with a side of perspective and a dash of humor. In between staccato guitar chords on album closer “Drifting Away” – a track about watching his Garden State roots disappear on the horizon – he sings, “I don’t know about my mother. Lately she seems sad. Wondering how the hell she raised… a child this fucking bad.”

The album was recorded in Philly before Wojciechowski headed west, with the frontman singing and playing guitar, Dan Warner on guitar, Bob Burdalski on bass, and Nick Manta on drums. After he moved to SF, he set up shop at Mr. Toad’s in SoMa where the album was mastered, and then hooked up with Portland-via-Oakland’s Breakup Records for the release. And despite what Wojciechowski may imagine his mother is thinking, she should know that he’s doing just fine out here on the Left Coast – if the quality of his music production is any indication, that is.

Listen to Homesick below, and then get full details on Thick Red Wine’s gig at Bottom of the Hill on Saturday. The EP can be purchased on Bandcamp in digital format, or as a cassette that comes with a zine and t-shirt.

The Wytches, Thick Red Wine, Rich Girls
Bottom of the Hill
November 8, 2014
9:30pm, $10–12 (all ages)

The Wytches, Thick Red Wine, Rich Girls @ Bottom of the Hill