Lila Rose

It starts with a lone woman walking through a dark forest.  She spots a telephone growing out of a bush and starts singing into it.  Then we see the people covered in cocoon-like prisons of plastic – howling, clawing, fighting for a breath of fresh air, constricted by their own innovation.

Maybe I’ve been reading too much of Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything lately, but I found Lila Rose’s new single and the accompanying music video appropriately disturbing as a stark criticism of mankind’s often understated deleterious effect on the environment and how we have become products of our own demise.  If you’re currently wondering how it is at all possible to construct a catchy song out of such a solemn subject matter, well, Rose pulls it off: from the menacing, electro groove to the singer’s mournful vocals, this one will get stuck in your head.  Hopefully the message will too, the dire warning that humanity’s lack of respect for Mother Nature will eventually be their undoing if gone unheeded.