Some lyric videos make you abuse the snooze button. Others bring you back to obsessively nit-picking the universal truths hidden in lyrics that got you, the real you. Sego conjures neither of these emotions (perhaps because the writer has learned patience as well to press lighter on the eyeliner) and instead dumps you into an aesthetically amusing bibliophile wonderland. In “False Currency” hands with Addams Family personality scribble and sketch while Sego’s incredibly hooky and unique brand of danceable rock plays in tandem. “False Currency” was culled from their Wicket Youth EP which dropped Monday on French label Kitsuné. Check the video below.

Pretty neat, huh? Well, if you’re into the LA-based duo, then you should buy a ticket to their Slim’s show on Thursday. They’ll be the ones playing after local opener Future Twin, but before the hypnotic French headliner La Femme. If you need yet another nudge in the right direction, Perfect Pussy are fans too and remixed the “Wicket Youth” single into a metro-apocalyptic wasteland. Now that’s contrast.

La Femme, Sego, Future Twin
October 30, 2014
9pm, $15, all ages (6+)