WOVE (Photo by David Wasjfelner / Edited by Floyd Hill)(Photo by David Wasjfelner / Edited by Floyd Hill)

We’ve been big fans of Nate Mercereau’s project A Million Billion Dying Suns since he first shared his self-made kaleidoscope-inspired videos accompanied by his mind-blowing shredding. Over time, as members of the live version of A Million Billion Dying Suns were constantly involved in a wide variety of projects, the band evolved into a duo with Brent Jasperse known as WOVE.

Why WOVE? “Brent and I have known each other since before we were born,” Mercereau explains. “Our parents were friends so we were kind of destined to also be. Our lives have weaved in and out of one another’s so the name represents that. Also, this project is specifically about us together, playing in such a way that only we can. It’s not far off from the AMBDS concept of ‘oneness,’ in life and and in music.”

Mercereau and Jasperse will be writing and performing as a duo, with Mercerau on guitar, vocals, and pedal bass, and Jasperse on drums. WOVE is planning to record new material at Different Fur on Halloween and hopes to have some full tracks to share with us some time next week. They’re also playing a very nice (and free) Converse Rubber Tracks show at The Chapel opening for Deafheaven. For now, here’s a sneak peak at what to expect from WOVE:


Deafheaven, WOVE
The Chapel
November 5, 2014
8pm, FREE w/ RSVP