Halloween really brings something out of the Bay Area’s local bands, because there are a ton of Halloween-themed shows happening this week. But while some groups may throw in a cover or two, or wear costumes on stage, others are going the extra mile and performing full tribute sets celebrating great artists. Tribute bands, as it turns out, likely get a bad rap most of the year because the bands they’re celebrating aren’t very good; when the right tributes are presented, they sound pretty appealing. Here are five tribute band shows to consider this week.

Any other great tribute shows happening this weekend? Let us know in the comments.

hormones show flyer

Who: Hormones, Astrozombies, Gi Gi and the Jabbers
When: Wednesday, October 29
Where: El Rio
Bands being covered: The Ramones, The Misfits, G.G. Allin
Locals Hormones (an all-ladies Ramones tribute) and Astrozombies are veterans at the tribute game, joined at this show by an opening G.G. Allin tribute group. While that last prospect might sound pretty dicey, and potentially unhygienic, fear not: Gi Gi and the Jabbers are described as a “tribute to G.G. Allin’s power pop band before he turned into a complete insane junky shit thrower” (emphasis added).

crampons flyer

Who: The Cramp-ons, Janitor X, Romeo’s Distress, Deal with No Deals, Monsters, Inc.
When: Thursday, October 30
Where: The Knockout
Bands being covered: The Cramps, Guided by Voices, Christian Death, The Breeders, Scratch Acid
Okay, we don’t have a ton of info on this one, but look at the variety! There’s never a wrong time for GBV songs, there’s no more perfect time for The Cramps than Halloween, and Christian Death are far too underrated in the gothic post-punk pantheon. Seriously, it’s a bonkers set of bands and curiosity beckons.

remones flyer

Who: Remones, Weezer Butler, Silly Girl
When: Friday, October 31
Where: The Knockout
Bands being covered: Ramones, Weezer, Descendents
Friday’s happy hour show at The Knockout could serve as the perfect pre-party for late night Halloween shenanigans. Remones includes members of local punks Unko Atama, while Weezer Butler includes folks from Trainwreck Riders, Flood, and Weezeresque pop wonders Ovens.

glitter wizard parkside

Who: “Funkadelic” (Glitter Wizard), “The Supremes” (Cool Ghouls), Hazzard’s Crüe, Cheap Schtick
When: Friday, October 31
Where: Thee Parkside
Bands being covered: Funkadelic, The Supremes, Motley Crüe, Cheap Trick
Glitter Wizard returns to the Parkside this Halloween for another Hallorager. It’s a stacked lineup that also includes Cool Ghouls bringing their sweet sound to The Supremes, Hazzard’s Cure tackling the Crue, and Oakland punks from Sexless and Yi covering the legendary Cheap Trick.

total trash halloween 2014

Who: “Gayracula” (Hunx), “Metallica” (Shannon and the Clams), “Smashing Pumpkins” (Yogurt Brain), “The Donnas” (Pookie & the Poodlez), “Sleezer” (Cumstain)
When: Friday, October 31
Where: Leo’s
Bands being covered: Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins, The Donnas, Weezer
The annual Total Trash Fest kicks off on Halloween with local garage and punk bands masquerading as an eclectic set of familiar names — and how great does Shannon and the Clams tackling Metallica sound? Hunx rounds things out with a spooky appearance as Gayracula.