allo darlin'

The Rickshaw Stop delivered a perfect pop trifecta on Friday night. The UK/Aussie outfit Allo Darlin’ ruled the Rickshaw. They started the set with a song from the new album, We Come From The Same Place. It had some killer Crazy Horse guitar riffs that even seemed to surprise the band. I am very partial to debut LPs (and they did play several from theirs, including “The Polaroid Song” and “Silver Dollars”), but they closed the set with a really ecstatic version of “Capricornia” from the second record, Europe, proving it deserves a fresh listen.

The band was in a great Friday night mood and were quite funny and charming. They loved The Hot Toddies and dedicated two songs to them. The bass player proclaimed tuning to be “boring but necessary like taxes and foreplay.” There were two encores and the night ended with “My Heart is a Drummer” from their awesome 2010 self-titled debut.

The Tropics

The show opened with The Tropics and a special record release show. The SF-based group were visibly stoked. The singer was particularly jubilant when some special guests in the form of a horn section showed up for the last two songs. Indeed, the horns added a little sumpthin’ that brought the tight, pop music a funkier, tastier groove. The new EP, Wind House is still streaming via the Bandcamp link we premiered last Thursday. Check it out!

hot toddies

Oakland’s Hot Toddies never disappoint. They played a perfect set of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll and even suggested a slow dance ‘like 5th grade’ for their tale of cocaine, “Boogie Nights.” They did a perfect “Boys on Bikes” and even a few new songs. The set ended with their signature dance party on stage. Keep a look out for new recordings soon.

hot toddies 2