JAY Stone

LA instrumental hip-hop producer Monster Rally has teamed up with Oakland MC’s Jay Stone and Brandon Rayson on the track “Cognac”, and let’s just say this collaboration has me hooked. “Cognac” the first track of a collaborative LP from Jay and Monster Rally, Foreign Pedestrians, set for release January 27 on Gold Robot Records.

Monster Rally, aka Ted Feighan, has released several albums on Gold Robot to a decent amount of attention and success, while Jay Stone is a relative unknown, (although hopefully not to our readers). The two were introduced by Gold Robot Records founder Hunter Mack, who says that once Stone and Feighan got together to listen to some records, the process of making the album came organically. It also happens to sound fantastic. Foreign Pedestrians, which features Jay Stone rapping over Monster Rally’s beats on the A-side and instrumental versions on the B-Sides, will be on vinyl that you can preorder from Gold Robot. Local hip-hop albums on vinyl are few and far between these days, so open up your wallets to encourage projects like this to come to fruition more often. “Cognac” is below.