allo darlin 2010 sxswAllo Darlin’ – SXSW 2010 – Cute but deadly

Ebola is nothing compared to the health issues going on this month at Rickshaw Stop!

This Friday, October 24, it’s Allo Darlin’. The ukulele-fueled pop is sweet enough to be an independent risk factor for diabetes. Fear not, the obligatory pogo dance is excellent for your blood pressure.

Who better to open but our very own cure-for-what-ails-ya, The Hot Toddies! The Toddies play “sunny beach pop” just right for a cold beer (or a hot toddy). The consumption of alcoholic beverages can lead to unintended pregnancy. Drink responsibly.

The show also includes a record release from The Tropics! The SF based band combines “folk rock…and classic pop.”

[They also just premiered their new EP ‘Wind House’ on The Bay Bridged this morning. -Editor] The Tropics also harbor malaria, cholera and dengue fever! Bring DEET.

fat white family sxsw 2013Fat White Family – SXSW 2013 – hand-washing saves lives

On Monday, November 3, the Rickshaw presents Fat White Family. The band is surprisingly thin and they play snotty UK punk at its best. Slam dancing has been associated with elevated heart rate, sweating and toe damage. Consult your doctor if your ears are ringing for more than 6 days. The singer tends to handle his genitals. Wear gloves when shaking his hand.

Opening for the fatties is NYC’s Jeffrey Lewis. The band leads a “schizophrenic existence, ranging between contemplative folk narratives and distortion-fueled garage rock.” Live shows incorporate “low budget videos.” Schizophrenia is not contagious, but Influenza is! Have you had your flu shot???