2014 has been a great year for the mini festival. The fire in the underground — the same one that fueled Ocean Beach Music and Arts Festival, Not Dead Yet Fest, and Hickey Fest, and the very same one that powers The Bay Bridged — has always been there, burning steadily into the night. It has been overshadowed at times, in this city more than others, by forces more affluent but less tenacious than rock and roll, but with the help of these small, locally curated festivals, it burns on.

The latest log in the fire is this week’s Love City Horror Show. Organized by Love.City founder Kai Straw, the festival is will be held at what most people know as the club City Nights. On Thursday, October 23, the night club is being transformed into the unlikeliest of rock theaters, complete with two rooms, a killer sound system and $2 draft beers. With no apparent headliner, this show is a front-to-back local affair featuring Zodiac Death Valley, Hungry Skinny, Down and Outlaws, Strange Hotel, Down Dirty Shake, Growwler, The Spiral Electric, and The Dead Beatz. So party like it’s college, go out on a Thursday night and get weird and into the Halloween spirit! A costume gets you $5 off of admission.

Love City Horror Show
715 Harrison St.
October 23, 2014
8pm, $15–20 (18+)