Taxes Live

It’s pretty clear from the opening lines of Taxes’ press bio that frontman Robby Cronholm isn’t interested in letting anything distract from the music – especially not something like, well, a bio. Hey, at least he’s honest and has a wicked sense of humor to boot:

Some bios are ironic and filled with lies. This one is not. Robby Cronholm has tried and, for the most part, loved the following forms of therapy:

Hypnotherapy. Equine therapy. EST. Release technique. Aqua therapy. Raiki. Kundalini. Past-Life Regression. Sand Box Therapy. Art Therapy. Transcendental Meditation. Jungian. Freudian. Psychoanalytical. Acupuncture. Singing Bowls. Etc.

And you know what? Nothing should distract from this music – Taxes’ new LP It Never Ends (due October 21 on Breakup Records) is a half-hour of pure catharsis via expertly crafted (and emo-tinged) indie pop. Engineered and produced by Ryan Williams with mixing and additional production by Danny Seim of Menomena, the album explores endings and beginnings, awakenings, and the journey in between. Often pulsating, always uplifting, It Never Ends thrives on the delicate ebb and flow of the Cronholm and Josh White’s guitar work, as well as his brilliant vocal interplay with keyboardist (and Tall Sheep) Laura Dean.

Armed with this plethora of new material, Taxes plays San Francisco twice in the next month – this Thursday at Slim’s with O (formerly Black Cobra Vipers), Cash for Gold, and bed. (featuring Alex and Sierra Haager from Breakup), and then again on November 6 at Bottom of the Hill with California and El Terrible.

Below, watch the band’s video for “Kali” and get details on both upcoming Bay Area shows. Pre-order the album on Bandcamp now.

Update (10/15/14): Taxes began streaming ‘It Never Ends’ in full on Bandcamp yesterday, premiering it on Alt Citizen. Listen below.

O, Cash for Gold, Taxes, bed.
October 16, 2014
8pm, $13 (6+)

California, Taxes, El Terrible
Bottom of the Hill
November 6, 2014
9pm, $10 (21+)