Cat Town: Ann Dunn and Adam Myatt
Cat Town Cafe’s Ann Dunn and Adam Myatt. Photo source: Inside Scoop and Facebook

There are three bands that have been featured on the Bay Bridged on more than one occasion: James & Evander, Pale Blue Dot, and shortcircles. What do all three of these bands have in common? Local musician and recording engineer Adam Myatt is involved (in one way or another) with all three.

And when he’s not making or recording music, Myatt’s other hobby is cats: He takes photos of cats (see Cat Man of West Oakland and Hoodcats), and his current project (along with fellow cat enthusiast Ann Dunn) is something that is popular in Japan but has not quite caught on yet around these parts.

Cat Town Cafe opens on October 25th in Oakland and is currently taking reservations for the “Cat Zone,” which is just as awesome as it sounds.

As a cafe that doubles as an adoption center, the Cat Town Cafe will have the cafe side (featuring coffee and bagels from two Oakland establishments, Bicycle Coffee and Authentic Bagel Co., in addition to other local food offerings), as well as the cat side, dubbed the Cat Zone (the two sides will be kept separate for obvious reasons). In the Cat Zone, people can schedule time to visit and play with ready-to-adopt kitties from Oakland Animal Services. If you are looking to adopt a cat of your very own (something I highly recommend), this will be a great opportunity to do so.

As mentioned, in anticipation of the October 25th opening, Cat Town Cafe is currently taking reservations for visits to the Cat Zone. A $10 donation will get you an hour with a room full of cats, and while free walk-ins are available, immediate entry can’t be guaranteed depending on capacity. Before/after visiting with many adorable cats, be sure to enjoy some coffee and nosh at the cafe.

Cat Town Cafe