For those of you who know your ’90s grunge/punk rock, you’ve already gotten a kick out of their name.  Yes, Supermuff is equally influenced by that strange decade full of angst and distortion as much as modern-day indie darlings such as Mac DeMarco and The Growlers.  Expect to hear traces of surf rock, sumptuous hooks, and punchy drumbeats throughout their eponymous debut EP.  “Running”, which you can hear below, is a perfect representation of their sound—pulsating with energy yet executed with a laid back, cigarette-stained charm.

It’s rough-around-the-edges garage rock, the stuff that could only be written in the undiscovered suburbs, the sleeping America, the forgotten majority living out those quiet lives of desperation Thoreau warned about many years ago.  They’re the songs of alienation, loneliness, boredom, apathy, and all the other mundane realities of everyday existence.  So in other words the perfect music to encapsulate the feeling of modernity.

If you start liking these guys now, you can probably catch them at a house show or two in the Bay before they start opening up for the Black Lips at the Great American Music Hall.  The group is currently working on a follow up to their EP so expect to hear much more from them in the near future.