Saane & Delight

The first thing you’re going to notice is the voice. Whether it’s a chill down your spine or the hairs standing up on your arms, the first thing you’re going to notice is the voice.  Because the voice of Saane Nau Dakunivosa, lead singer of Saane & Delight, is too beautiful, too powerful, and too mellifluous to ignore.  Go ahead and try.  You’re going to notice the voice, and most likely you’ll fall in love with it as well.

But let me start mentioning the Delight half of the group before they start to bristle at the lack of attention.  They’re awesome as well, providing the laid back, pop-reggae canvas on which her voice can paint.  Formed from the ashes of reggae-rock outfit Midnight Raid (drummer Justin Estep) and still operating East Bay-based ska/rocksteady band Skunk Funk (Bobo McTempleton on bass and Max Gee on guitar), the boys lock in with tight rhythmic chops, giving the music an alternative-rock edge along with the classic reggae-influenced beats.  They actually remind me of a band that was pretty big in the ’90s, one that also boasted a charismatic frontwoman and employed a unique mix of reggae, ska, pop and rock to ride the Billboard Charts for years.  I think they were called something like No Doubt.

Championing the spirit of uniting for the sake of the groove, or as the band calls it, “Groovement,” Saane & Delight was born out of late night jam sessions, chance meetings and divine inspiration from the sounds of the Caribbean.  Check out their latest video “If Love” and hear it for yourself.  You already know what you’ll notice first.

The Bennies, Skank Bank, Sweet Hayah, Ridgway Space Station, Saane & Delight
924 Gilman
October 19, 2014
5pm, $8 (all ages)

The Bennies / Saane & Delight @ 924 Gilman