Li Xi - Meet Me Somewhere

I had the pleasure of witnessing Li Xi in their earliest incarnation, back when there were two lead singers and they weren’t called Li Xi.

That was a couple years ago. The band has shed a singer, added another multi-instrumentalist, and tightened up their sound considerably while expanding it to encompass a grand new vision. Two years was a long wait for a debut album, but forthcoming LP Meet Me Somewhere, which the band is self-releasing on October 15, was well worth the wait.

Stereogum recently premiered the album’s opener, a cut called “Carriages” that features a ridiculously catchy guitar lead and bouncing rhythm:

That song is a pretty fair representation of what you’ll find throughout Meet Me Somewhere: the tunes are at once retro and futuristic, dreamy but infectious, humming with warm analog vibes and sparkling with icy electronics. You can pre-order the album on iTunes now.

This is a band that has been gigging pretty heavily for the past year or so, providing ample opportunities to catch them live. The next one comes just a week after they drop Meet Me Somewhere, on October 23 at The Regency Ballroom, when they open for British electropoppers Metronomy.

Metronomy, Dawn Golden, Li Xi
The Regency Ballroom
October 23, 2014
7:30pm, $27.50