Seshen at Leos

Three of the Bay Areas most innovative pop acts – The Seshen, Waterstrider and St. Tropez – play at Leo’s October 11, and we have a pair of tickets to giveaway and a special playlist curated by the artists to celebrate.

To enter for a chance to win tickets to see The Seshen, Waterstrider, and St. Tropez at Leo’s, email with “The Seshen” in the subject line and your full name in the body of the email. A winner will be selected at random and notified via email.

And without further ado, here’s the playlist curated by the bands, followed by why they chose the songs in their words. As you’d expect from listening to their music, their influences are a broad selection of wonderful eclectic pop.

The Seshen’s selections:

Mount Kimbie – “Maybes” (James Blake Remix): This is one of my all time favorite remixes. The way that James Blake is able to mold and pitch shift vocals into something disorienting and beautiful is so inspiring. This track is so stimulating to me on both a rhythmic an harmonic level and in an odd way it gives me the same feeling I used to get when I would listen to feel good hip hop summer jams as a kid.

Broadcast – “Illumination”:There’s such a great marriage between the 60’s drum beat, the droning, trudging guitars and trish Keenan’s beautiful melodies. I love Broadcast’s ability to take seemingly simple tunes and wrap them up in otherworldly, Alice in Wonderland atmospheres!

Outkast – Spottyotttie Dopaliscious: This song is such a classic. I was going to throw in a dub tune on this list but this song is essentially that. Great bass line and one of the catchiest horn lines I’ve ever heard. I have yet to meet a single person who doesn’t love this song!

Hiatus Kaiyote – “Mobius Streak”: The first time I heard this song, I was immediately excited. Great production, insanely beautiful lyrics, and Nai Palm’s vocals make it one of a kind.

Waterstrider’s selections:

Arca- “Thievery”: I can’t get enough of Arca’s beats. I was first introduced to him via FKA Twigs’ EP2 (which I have listened to on repeat for the last few months). There’s something very progressive and exciting about the way he puts his music together. It’s fluid yet glitchy, atmospheric but at times very dry, dark and foreboding but also full of hope and wonder. This song takes me to a dance club on another planet with it’s beats and warbly destroyed samples that float through the background. Nearly-endless reverb is drifting around the sonic landscape, then chopped into bits at key moments. I’m transported to another plane thanks to Arca.

Dirty Projectors – “Stillness Is The Move”: Listening to Dirty Projectors is a really liberating experience for me. Such genuine emotion. I love the heavy groove of this song and the guitar riff is the greatest thing ever.

Sylvan Esso- “Could I Be”: Lately it seems that 90% of the music I am listening to is stuff that is being made in people’s bedrooms or minimal home studios. It’s a very exciting time for music largely because it is so easy to record a song and throw it out into the world. Now, I don’t know exactly what Sylvan Esso’s recording setup is like, but what they are using it to do is pretty incredible. This song blends minimal electronic production with some really wonderful folk-y (kinda loathe this term but whatever…) songwriting. It even throws in a distant electric guitar for good measure. My love for this song is fairly strong evidence that I’m addicted to the sound of side-chain compression.

Gold Panda- “Killing Yourself On a Beach”
: This song (perhaps contrary to the title) makes me dance around like some kind of futuristic ape creature whose translucent-sci-fi bananas have been stolen. Further proof that you don’t need much to make great music (I hear this British fellow makes his music on ye olde MPC). Things that make me love this song: that absurdly high frequency that pops in and out every once in a while, the repetition/variation of all the pop and click sounds, the fact that this music is composed of cleverly distorted small samples of audio, the epic wood clicking sounds that take me to the sci-fi jungle (I’m a sucker for these kind of sounds), the way the bass line doesn’t shift with the wood sounds until that final minute of the song.

St. Tropez’s selections:

Neil Young – “Expecting to Fly”
: A stand out Neil Young track for me, full of sweeping melodies, thick acoustic guitars and strings, and angelic harmonies.

Grizzly Bear – “Ready Able”
: The unorthodox song structure with changing times makes this a unique gem of a song. It starts in a moving double time six beat with somewhat disorienting vocals and leads into a single time waltz that is full of everything. On top of this, the singing melody in the second half is an almost, non-western line that is beautiful and unexpected.

Mazzy Star – “I’ve Been Let Down” The beauty of this song is in its simplicity. As always, Hope Sandoval’s vocals put you in a dream, and this short, 3 chord country-like tune pulls at the heart with minimal components.

Madonna – “La Isla Bonita”: Melody, Melody, Melody! This song never fails to transport me to another place, and it makes me feel like I am 10 years old again!

The Seshen, Waterstrider, St Tropez
October 11, 2014
9pm, $10-13