Couches, 'Slackin' Since The 80s'

San Francisco trio Couches may have named their new EP Slackin’ Since The 80s, but the band has been anything but idle since they formed almost two years ago, releasing their “California” 7-inch single and the Slackin’ EP, as well as three videos (“California”, its b-side “Killer Mutant Butterfly”, and Slackin’ lead single “Thinkin’ About Money”). Oh yeah—and they’ve been touring seemingly nonstop (their current two-month long “Born To Slack” tour has them crisscrossing the States and currently in Chapel Hill, North Carolina).

The new EP (released September 9 via 20 Sided Records) finds bandmembers David Mitchell (guitar/vocals), Chris Griley (bass), and Mike Dubuque (drums) at their best, expertly traversing the thin line between the two sides of their classic indie rock sound – one minute slogging through muddy and languid verses, and the next riding high atop frenetic, guitar-driven choruses. As we told you last month, the band likes to think that their sound, ‘casts a red-eyed glance towards their Gen-X mid-90s forbearers.”

Stream and buy Slackin’ Since The 80s below and on The Bay Bridged homepage for entire month of October, and don’t miss your chance to see Couches upon their triumphant return to San Francisco on November 8 at the Hemlock with Everyone is Dirty, Mosshead, and Li Xi.

Everyone is Dirty, Couches, Mosshead, Li Xi
Hemlock Tavern
November 8, 2014
9pm, $7 (21+)