The Wytches

Back in July, Brighton’s The Wytches opened for METZ and Cloud Nothings at the Great American. Though they shared the same rough-edged madness of both their fellow bands that night, they fall somewhere between the two musically. They eschew the forthright pop elements of Cloud Nothings, but they don’t exactly pummel melodic ideas like METZ does either.

They are their own sound, well-adept at compacting musical genres into a searing, cohesive sound, particularly in 2014’s Annabel Dream Reader. They pride themselves on their nods to ’60s nostalgia while executing a gritty blues-rock blend, all while putting forth a solid self-made sound.

The LP is angsty and fierce—noxious at times, even—but perhaps more than anything else, it brims with confidence, which is certainly the type of quality you love to see in a band’s live show.

Catch them at Bottom of the Hill next month, and the video for their single “Wire Frame Mattress” is below.

The Wytches, Rich Girls
Bottom of the Hill
November 8, 2014
9:30pm, $10