Hibbity Dibbity

Amidst the flux of garage rock, electronic music, and indie rock, Hibbity Dibbity are navigating the crux between psychedelic, soul, funk, and good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll. And they’ll be bringing their self-proclaimed “sweet juju” sound and vibe to the Boom Boom Room on Fillmore this weekend.

The band, coming back from a summer-long tour along the United States, melts together a boiling pot of classic influences, each of which can be found in their most recent, self-titled release. It’s a blast from the past, a cluster of sounds that are nostalgic, refreshing, and indelibly catchy. Most importantly, them Hibbity Dibbity boys have a live show that is electric. The band, without a doubt, knows how to move an audience and have a good time themselves.


Hibbity Dibbity, Mark Nelson Band, Ivory Arrows
Boom Boom Room
October 2, 2014
9pm, $7 (21+)