Cougar on a Meth Binge

After a promising debut, Cougar on a Meth Binge literally went underground for their follow up EP, Empire Cave, a split with The Christys. The indie-folk band with the cheesy death-metal name traveled to the EP’s namesake cave in Santa Cruz to record all but one of the songs on a portable GE recorder. As you’d expect, the results sound very DIY, but it works great. Lauren Alegre’s vocals somehow mesh perfectly with the prominent banjo, almost sounding like a sixth string at times. Just listen – it isn’t a style you’ll hear with your typical folk band. Cougar on a Meth Binge play three Bay Area shows over the next couple of weeks, the first being tomorrow night and third of which will be their cassette release show. Details are below the digital version of Empire Cave.

Cougar On A Meth Binge, The Breaking Yard, The Christys, Beloved Binge
MLK Cafe (Oakland)
October 3, 2014
8pm, Price TBA

The Breaking Yard, Cougar On A Meth Binge, Rose Droll
Hotel Utah
October 12, 2014
8pm, $12

The Rogers, Cougar on a Meth Binge, The Christys
Awaken Cafe
October 18, 2014
9pm, $7-10