Cave Clove(Photo: Anna Curtis)

Cave Clove began as a project from Oakland’s Katie Clover, who performed as a solo act with a rotating cast of musicians in shows along the West Coast. Over time, the project evolved into close collaboration between Clover and drummer Melissa Kilkuskie, until a “psychedelic experience in the ocean in Puerto Rico” led to the current name. Now a four-piece including Ryan Christopher Parks of B. Hamilton and Dave Glasebrook of Deep Ellum, Cave Clove is set to release a new 7-inch single recorded at Tiny Telephone. Today, we’re so glad to give you the first listen “Kyrie”, the A-side of that single.

“The song is about reflecting on a relationship and how I showed up in it, and the regret and sadness I felt for not having been as much in my power as I would like to be,” explains Clover. She had sung various versions of “Kyrie Eleison” in choirs in the past, but only recently did she learn the words meant “Lord Have Mercy”. She adds, “Asking for forgiveness seemed like a perfect thing to include in this song about regret, so I kept the words in the song.”

“Kyrie”, which was recorded by Robert Shelton at Tiny Telephone, is an expansive arrangement, with strings and Clover’s strong, emotional vocals leading the way. Listen to it below, and purchase vinyl on Bandcamp.

Friday night, Cave Clove will celebrate the release of “Kyrie” with a show at Leo’s in Oakland. It will be a bit of a dual-single-release show, with fellow performers DRMS (featuring the aforementioned Robert Shelton) also releasing a single this week. Details are below.

Guy Fox, Cave Clove, DRMS
October 3, 2014
9pm, $10-13