cash for gold

Looking for even more proof that San Francisco’s scene isn’t dead? Look no further than Cash for Gold.

Cash for Gold moves fast. Started on a whim in 2013 and put together, like, really not that long ago (by which we mean earlier this year), Cash for Gold have already crafted their first full-length, Swan Dive, set for release on October 14th on Breakup Records. A sloppy-fun ride that serves as a fitting soundtrack to C4G’s home turf of the Tenderloin, Swan Dive is rich in exceptionally singable, ’90s-rock-radio hooks, and minor-key verses that give way to upbeat choruses. Check out the first two tracks, “Out All the Time” and “Sunshine” here (and click through to purchase the god vinyl version on Bandcamp).

Cash for Gold will be at Slim’s on the 16th for a release show with O, Taxes and Bed.

Cash for Gold, O, Taxes, Bed
October 16, 2014
8pm, $13