Joe Bagale

Making new funk is difficult – it was done so exquisitely years ago, and most attempts to recreate that magic in modern times falls flat. Luckily, Joe Bagale started with his deep, soulful voice and created funk that doesn’t try to recreate the past, utilizing analog synths and samples to create something entirely new. His new track “I CAn’t StAND(we Can’t StOP)” is a perfect introduction to Bagale’s funky new direction. His strong voice deservedly receives plenty of attention, but the instrumentation helps take his style to new levels.

Although Bagale performed all instrumentation on “I CAn’t”, he performs live with a six-piece band that includes a pair of horn players, Kasey Knudsen and Marcus Stephens, who perform with a unique approach. Acording to Bagale, they are “running effects on their horns using whammy pedals, envelope filters and delays, creating something totally new sounding. A wind controlled synthesizer or Saxaphonics if you will.” It will all come together at Freight and Salvage in Berkeley October 2.

Rachel Efron, Joe Bagale
Freight and Salvage
October 2, 2014
8pm, $21-23