banshee bones

I’m not exactly sure how to categorize Banshee Bones.  They certainly aren’t a nostalgia act, though elements of their sound definitely harken back to the heyday of grandiose classic rock ruled by Jimmy Page riffs and over-the-top KISS stage theatrics.  I wouldn’t want to throw them into the insufferable modern-rock genre either – that wasteland of T.S. Eliot proportion – but their sound is certainly modern in the sense that it doesn’t feel out of place in the Digital Age.  And these guys certainly hit you harder than Imagine Dragons or Two Door Cinema Club ever could.

They’re heavy but they’re not exactly metal – no guttural vocals or blast beats here – and their sense of melody is strong enough to shine through the distortion and wailing guitars.  However, even though I may have a hard time classifying them, and I understand how label-obsessed this industry is, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth your attention.

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Their album Birds of Prey is available now and includes songs like “Dark Depths” and “Weighed In Gold,” explosive bursts of lyrical anguish, epic chord changes and a pummeling rhythm section.  You can catch them live as they roll through the East Bay this weekend.

Lost In Tapes, Banshee Bones, The Saint Ides, One of Many
The New Parish
September 28th, 2014
7pm, $5, 21+