Field Medic has produced a compilation of Bay Area folk music and listening to it is the closest you’re ever going to get to the Gaslight Cafe, that venerable staple of the Greenwich Village folk scene of the 1960s.

Featuring acts such as Owl Paws, Restaurnaut and Mr. Andrew, CROCODILEZ is full of melancholy ruminations about life and stripped down, lo-fi acoustic guitar-backed melodies.  There are songs about the inability to escape your personal problems and insecurities (Adam Balbo’s “Demons”), the traumatic process of growing up and its implacable companion the fear of getting old (The Forbin Project’s “Not Ready” and Shareef Ali’s “The Final Throes of my Extended Adolescence”) and, that steadfast staple, attempting to overcome heartbreak (Brian Belknap’s “This Time”).

There were many songs I could’ve chosen to include in this post, so I closed my eyes and pointed randomly.  It would’ve been an excellent track no matter which one I picked, and I just happened to land on Chris Carmichael’s “Tangled.”  Now go check out the other fourteen songs.