Al Lover

Al Lover has made a name for himself through innovative, heavy psychedelic reworks of rock ‘n roll, releasing mixtapes, 7” records, and digital LPs over the course of a few years. It’s with much anticipation that Al Lover releases his first physical LP, Sacred Drugs, out on October 1st via Psych Army Intergalactic and Crash Symbols (cassette).

Observe the first single “Super Strength (Power Plants)” featuring Morgan Delt, another psych artist on heavy rotation. The track starts with drone-y swirls, then Delt’s vocals literally creep in and gain traction as Al Lover layers in sounds to create… not a wall like most drone, but a kaleidoscope of psych. It fades out as fast as it came in, giving space for the imagination. Seriously though, what else does Al Lover have up his sleeve on Sacred Drugs?

White Fence, Al Lover, Scraper
October 9, 2014
Rickshaw Stop
8pm, $14