San Francisco’s Latitude began as a home recording project for Amy Fowler and her husband Joe Armin, singer/songwriter of The Aerosols. Fowler, who also plays keys for The Aerosols, has been a member of a variety of local bands, including B & Not B, Red Blue Yellow, and 60’s girl-group homage Boyfriend Search, which was Fowlers’ first experience songwriting and fronting a band.

You can still hear hints of 60’s girl groups in Latitude’s music, but Fowler shows influence from plenty of other retro pop stylings and always seems to include keys in interesting ways at just the right moments. A couple of their groovier demos are below, and you can hear more on Latitude’s Soundcloud page.

Latitude performs tomorrow night at Amnesia for a Mods vs. Rockers show.

Latitude, Gypsy Roller
September 25, 2014
9pm, $5-7