Psychic Jiu Jitsu

Psychic Jiu Jitsu is: a mix of space and time, an ethereal breath and a psychedelic adventure that will take you back to a more nostalgic and twisted San Francisco. While the band is ramping up for the soon to-be-announced release of their debut album, Are You?, you can get a sneak peek with this first single titled “Dreamachine.”

Are You? was mixed and mastered by Ryan Van Kriedt (Asteroid #4 and Dead Skeletons) and engineered by the band and was “recorded via a tascam 4 track cassette/ digital hybrid, burned through about a hundred cheap audio cables,” according to Psychic Jiu Jitsu’s Hunter Scztroope. “Dreamachine” was the first song written and recorded by the band, who has an arsenal of music from the last two years or so.

The song is a complete and utter psychedelic trip, accompanied by an electrifying guitar riff that spans throughout most of the song, reverb that envelops the vocals and an overall surreal, space-like sound. It’s inevitably dream-like, as the title suggests, and a symbol of the band’s combination of past-sounds-meets-future-style, in a way that isn’t overdone, overplayed, or overkill.

Without a doubt, Psychic Jiu Jitsu is onto something here.