Yonatan Gat makes music that has no home. I say that because the guitarist and his band create a sound that is from seemingly everywhere and specifically nowhere at once, channeling everything from Afrobeat grooves to Middle Eastern folk melodies to straight up rock n’ roll noise, sometimes all within the span of one song. Weaving the global smattering of styles seamlessly together like a great jazz musician from the ‘60s, the tracks on the band’s new album, Iberian Passage, are also surprisingly catchy and even danceable at times. Make no mistake, these are definitely dense compositions that require numerous listens to peel away all the harmonic layers, but that doesn’t mean the music can’t have a little fun with itself at the same time.

The New York-based trio is bringing their genre-bending, border-blurring sound to San Francisco this Saturday for an early show at The Knockout and a late show at the Awaken Cafe. That’s right, two shows in one day. So if you like and/or can’t believe what you hear at the first show, you can get a second helping later that night.

Yonatan Gat
The Knockout (w/Michael Beach & Mall Walk), Awaken Cafe (w/Violent Change)
September 13, 2014
5pm/$7/21+ (@Knockout); 9pm/$10/all ages (@Awaken)