The Tropics

From their forthcoming debut release, Wind House, which comes out October 28th on Breakup Records, The Tropics are here with a new video (for a new single) titled “Sons and Daughters.”

The Tropics, along with the help of Prav Potu and Adam Warmington, put together the video for “Sons and Daughters” as part of the Music Video Race that took place in San Francisco this summer. The clip is beautiful decadent and visually captivating (including the whole paint everywhere part). The entire band is decked out in all white attire in an all white room, and the middle of the video finds the group splattering paint all over the room and each other in slow motion.

The song is similarly rich, featuring a very subtle sound that highlights frontwoman Claire George’s powerful vocals. There’s a beating pulse, that erupts into a slow, dazed fury that is delicate and spectacular.

The Tropics, Owl Paws, Strange Hotel
El Rio
September 11, 2014
8PM, $8 (21+)