Terry Malts (Photo by Gina Clyne)(Photo by Gina Clyne)

In just a couple weeks, San Francisco punk trio Terry Malts will release their Insides EP via Slumberland, and they recently dropped the heavy “Don’t” to give their fans a taste of what’s to come on the new record.

The trio is adept at not sacrificing a catchy hook in favor of its excessively raucous musings in emotional limbo—between anger and exhilaration, exhaustion and seclusion, and naturally, life and death—and their first new material in a year might be, by their own accord, their most “pop” record yet.

However, “Don’t” reiterates (resoundingly) that the group is not embracing bubble-gum aesthetics anytime soon. They’re still the shreddy, anarchic noise slayers that they’ve banked their identity on—they’re just a bit more open to ear grabbing melodies.

They’ve also booked a fast approaching show date. Only a few days after their EP drops, you can catch them at Brick &a Mortar in San Francisco. Ticket information below.

Terry Malts, Girl Tears
Brick & Mortar
August 27, 2014
8 pm, $8 (18+)