Owen Pallett (Domino/Secret City)

I don’t really know, but I’d guess that the process of getting nominated for an Academy Award isn’t easy, especially when you’re simultaneously working on your own album and subsequent tour. Somehow Owen Pallett managed to do all that though, nabbing a nom for his work with Arcade Fire’s Will Butler on Her‘s original score and releasing his newest In Conflict, which dropped via Domino in the spring of this year.

He’s bringing his immense talent to the Great American Music Hall in just a few days, where he’ll headline with Avi Buffalo and Foxes in Fiction supporting

It sounds like it will be a dynamic show, at least emotionally speaking as In Conflict draws from some dark inspirations. “Depression, addiction, gender trouble, and the creative state are presented as positive, loveable, empathetic ways of being,” he says of the album. “Not preferable, per se, but all as equal, valid positions that we experience, which make us human.”

Owen Pallett, Avi Buffalo, Foxes in Fiction
Great American Music Hall
September 12, 2014
9pm, $21