blitzkriegBlitzkrieg at The Surf Spot in Pacifica for the KFJC Battle of the Surf Bands

Are you listening to enough surf music? As a California resident it really is your civic duty. Surf music deserves to be in your bloodstream and in your soul. It is everything that has been missing from your life!

How to get started? Glad you asked. The best way to enjoy surf music is to catch it live, and there is no better place to do it than Forbidden Island in Alameda.

Alameda?! Do they even have a BART station? No they do not, but neither does Jamaica. We don’t travel to the islands because they are convenient. On the contrary part of the island charm is inconvenience. But don’t worry once you pass through the doors, the friendly natives at Forbidden Island will take very good care of you.

forbidden isle

Forbidden Island is a tiki bar. There are dozens of rum cocktails and several on fire.  One or two Zombies and you will forget all your troubles back on the mainland. There is a small tv with endless beach films. There are tasty bar snacks, even Crab Rangoon. On special occasions they set up a grill on the sweet lil’ patio out back. This past Sunday they were churning out the most delicious, bacony sliders for only $3. Take that Umami Burger! They even had a second bar out there built inside a 20 foot high totem pole for an emergency Mai Tai. Sunday was Fred Fest East.

meshugga beach partyMeshugga Beach Party

Fred Fest celebrates the Norwegian artist Fred Lammers. Sunday’s show opened with DJ Sid Presley followed by The Tomorrowmen, Frankie and the Pool Boys, and Meshugga Beach Party. The bands shared some members but all three had their own special purpose and beautiful surf guitar throughout. Blitzkreig, the German surf rockers cancelled unfortunately, scared off no doubt by the gang of surfing Rabbis.

tomorrowmenThe Tomorrowmen

The good news is that Fred Fest West continues this Saturday September 13 in Pacifica at Winters Tavern! The line-up includes The Copper Tones, Buzzy Frets, Drifting Sand,  The Deadlies, Agency EL84, Rue ’66, The Hampton Wicks, Gillbillies and DJ Sid Presley.

Can’t wait that long? Fortunately Forbidden Island has Trivalve this Thursday, September 11.

Dick Dale, “The King of the Surf Guitar” plays Oakland’s Uptown on November 5.

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