Dangermaker has been bringing a pop, indie, and electronic sound to the Bay Area for months now, establishing a name with their danceable songs. Now, the band continues to progress with their newest EP, Light The Dark.

The release offers a sound that is catchy and easy to listen to: poppy, yet sophisticated enough not to be overlooked as radio-forged. The album’s leading track, “Something More,” is a heavy, synth-infused song that is electric and powerful, while the closer, “The Light,” is an intricate and carefully woven ballad. The EP is a huge step from the group’s debut album, Black Dream, and it indicates a consistent move forward — something that isn’t easy to achieve and even more difficult to execute well.

As part of their release, the band will also be playing a show to celebrate. More information below!

Dangermaker, Beautiful Machines, The Damn Fanatics, Bear Lincoln
Neck of the Woods
September 11, 2014
8pm, $5 (21+)