“We’re not a band, we’re a startup.” That’s how UI/UX introduces themselves on “Company Mission Statement“, off their debut album Peace, Love and Gentrification. We all know the tech industry and gentrification is constantly on the minds of many local musicians these days, but I don’t know if anyone’s had as much fun addressing it as UI/UX. Peace, Love, and Gentrification is a quick punkish romp through Silicon Valley, with UI/UX’s Jasmine Sankaran and Danny Molina trading vocals on tracks such as “Barf.ly”, “Quinoa for Lunch”, and “Moustache Ride”, which are all catchy and funny while actually making a statement that doesn’t feel too bitter. My favorite track is “John Dwyer Lives in LA”, an homage to you-know-who, which comments on everything from Dwyer’s fashion choices to the weather. At just under a minute, it’s a perfect elevator pitch that will hopefully convince you to supply their next round of seed funding. (Or just listen to the entire album below.)