The first time I saw San Francisco’s Joyride! was with San Jose’s recently broken up Sourpatch. And from then on, it’s easy to say that I was hooked.

Come September 18, the female-fronted punk band with poppier influences will have released their third album, Bodies of Water. Tracked, mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley from Atomic Garden, the release has become readily available by the likes of Lauren Records and Salinas Records.

There’s a certain wiseness and power in the band’s lyrics, and an unabashed honesty that’s reticent of a person divulging a passage from their diary. Joyride! confronts insecurities and relationships with an uptempo beat, and avoids the reverb pedal-induced apathy that many bands fall victim to these days. And these characteristics are what makes Joyride! one of the Bay Area’s better bands (in my humble opinion).

A few tracks from Bodies of Water to check out are “San Mateo” (a ‘banger’, to be honest) and “Small Talk”. Though the tape for Bodies of Water may have sold out on Lauren Records, you can pre-order the vinyl edition of the LP courtesy of Salinas Records.