Cocktails, 'Adult Life'

After releasing a couple stellar 7-inch records in 2013, San Francisco’s Cocktails dropped their full-length debut Adult Life back in June on Father-Daughter Records, and the album has been on nearly constant rotation for a few of us here at The Bay Bridged – so it’s only natural that we’ve decided to make it our featured album for the month of September.

On Adult Life, Cocktails hits its stride with a “blue collar power pop” sound that is instantly accessible and relatable for its audience – a generation that is trying to find where it fits in relation to current societal norms and expectations.

Our own Russell Jelinek interviewed frontman Patrick Clos around the time of Adult Life’s release, and Clos told him, “In terms of the theme, I wanted it to be relatable for people as well. I think that growing out of your 20s and into your early 30s can generally be a pretty weird time. Everyone’s wondering if they’re doing the right thing with their lives, and there’s that societal rule that says it’s time to figure shit out.”

Listen to Adult Life below (and on our homepage), and after you commiserate with Clos and company about the perils of life as a young adult, be sure to check out Cocktails’ video for the title track, which premiered last month on Spin.