Is there something in the air causing long-dormant SF bands to reunite for new shows? Somehow, September offers chances to see three great SF bands from the ’90s/’00s all performing locally. In each case, there’s no guarantee that any of these bands will ever play again, so don’t miss this chance to relive (or newly discover) some Bay Area favorites.

The Aislers Set - Photo by Matt Alcock

Band: The Aislers Set

Reductive cheat-sheet bio: After leading the beloved Henry’s Dress, Amy Linton launched The Aislers Set, a band that released three terrific albums of superb, retro-inspired indie pop between 1998 and 2003. The band’s international following led them to Japan and Europe in addition to touring the US several times over the years, performing alongside everyone from Belle & Sebastian to Sleater-Kinney. Since disbanding in 2004, the group has reunited for a handful of shows, but hasn’t played SF since opening for Yo La Tengo at The Fillmore in 2003.

Performing at: The Chapel on September 28 with Cold Beat and The Mantles

Reuniting because: Long overdue, The Aislers Set’s three albums are now being reissued by Slumberland and Suicide Squeeze, and the group is performing a West Coast run of shows to celebrate. A new compilation of singles and rarities is expected to arrive on Slumberland next year.

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film school

Band: Film School

Reductive cheat-sheet bio: Formed in the late 90s by lead singer Greg Bertens, the shoegazer-leaning quintet released a number of atmospheric, anthemic records over their career. Film School emerged at a time when a number of SF bands were exploring the gloomy side of rock, but nobody was doing it better than these guys. The group’s self-titled album on Beggars Banquet in 2006 found them reach new heights of acclaim; later efforts saw a reconfigured lineup and a move to Los Angeles before the group played its last show in 2011.

Performing at: Bottom of the Hill on September 5 with Hot Fog and Peace Creep

Reuniting because: To celebrate drummer Donny Newenhouse’s birthday. Newenhouse will be doing triple-duty at the show, since he’s also a member of both Hot Fog and Peace Creep. The group’s lineup will be the original quintet from the group’s self-titled record, and the evening’s focus will be on “old-school-Film-School” from 2006 and before.

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track star

Band: Track Star

Reductive cheat-sheet bio: Releasing two LPs and a bunch of singles between the mid-90s and early-00s, Track Star was an SF trio with a real knack for ultra-catchy indie pop. The group could be jangly and restrained, but it could also hit with noisy, fuzzy anthems. After releasing the well-received Lion Destroyed The Whole World, the group supported The Shins on a national tour before calling it a day almost a decade ago.

Performing at: Bottom of the Hill on September 19 with Still Flyin’, Kids on a Crime Spree, and Cruel Summer

Reuniting because: Track Star’s Wyatt Cusick and Brian Girgus both played shows with Still Flyin’, and the show is a benefit for their Flyin’ compatriot Bren Mead, who was crushed by a boulder in a freak hiking accident earlier this year.

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