The Love Dimension

All set and ready to release their new album, Create and Consume, The Love Dimension will be taking their psychedelic, groovy tunes to The Chapel this Thursday, September 4th for an all out party. Hitting their sixth year in existence, The Love Dimension has touched numerous genres – from folk to rock – but has always returned back to their psychedelic roots. Their upcoming album, Create and Consume is no different, but highlights the band’s amazing strong points. Take a melodic feel mixed with a hard and steadfast rhythm section and just enough synths, add something to get you moving and shaking, but nothing too overwhelmingly experimental, and you have The Love Dimension. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s utterly enjoyable.

Check out their track “Messenger of Love” below, and head on out to their show at The Chapel to pick up Create and Consume!

The Love Dimension, Trainwreck Riders, Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah
The Chapel
September 4th, 2014
8PM, $12 (all ages)