everyone is dirty poster

It was singer/violinist Sivan Lioncub’s birthday and Everyone Is Dirty had just decided to scrap the original art for their debut album, but they were on a tight deadline. On tour and in Dallas, they rushed to a nearby crafts supply store, bought enough gold glitter for a Castro queen, and set to work in the motel parking lot. They wanted something glitzy and eye-popping and fun – a bold design to symbolize their extreme passion for life. As the art project wound down, a nearby palm tree caught on fire and Sivan took a quick shot. They used that photo in the show poster above, and the album cover art can be seen below.

Everyone Is Dirty

In an earlier TBB interview with EID, Christopher Daddio (guitarist) revealed that he had spent many of his adult years battling cancer, which is now in remission. Once on the other side of the chemotherapy sessions, “We realized we’re not going to do a goddamn thing that we don’t want to do ever again. Period. Everyone in this world has a little secret or a little thought or gets a disease in their body or something that makes them dirty so it just became a thing – Everyone Is Dirty.”

And so Dying Is Fun was born. Gritty and chillingly honest, their grungy debut album is melt-your-face-off early Pixies good. It’s compelling art rock with Sivan easily moving from a sneered whisper to screaming and stomping on-stage, all while clutching the rarely seen electric violin. Track standouts include “California,” “Mama, No!!!” and “Devastate.” Out now on Tricycle Records, you can order it as a CD, vinyl, or digitally here.

Sacramento’s Sister Crayon and LI XI will be joining the line-up for Everyone Is Dirty’s record release party this Friday at Rickshaw Stop. Dying Is Fun was a hard-won affirmation of creativity, and I can not wait to see how ecstatic and weird EID will get on-stage. After all of this work, they deserve to party.

Sister Crayon, Everyone Is Dirty, LI XI
Rickshaw Stop
September 5, 2014
9pm, $12 (All Ages)